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Coin & Pen Desk Organiser


Coin and pen desk storage

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The Coin-Pen Holder [CPH] is a new generation of desktop utility organiser. Users can sort out their messy coins in the device and are able to read the total coin value directly from the scales instead of counting them. The whole device is rotatable with its new conceptual plastic bearing system. The center column in the middle of the device is able to accommodate a variety of itmes e.g. Users can put stationery, coffee cups, and even grow mini plants etc. The coin storage can hold up to 330 AUD worth of coins.

  • Store More than 330 AUD of coins
  • Self-counting scales
  • Free-spinning structure
  • Endurable material & structure deisgn
  • Multifuction [compartment for pens, cups, and flowers . etc]

*NOTE: This item does not come with any coins, pens, or other items!